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About Brandon Hollenbeck


Brandon Hollenbeck

I was introduced to web design by hanging out in a Borders Books on my lunch breaks. I really wanted to find a profession that I would enjoy going to work for. I tried playing around with some books about programming in C++ but wasn't very interested at the time. I later found a Web Design Magazine with a free Dreamweaver trial copy attached and was hooked. I remember my beginning days not sleeping and trying to cram as much information into my brain on how to build my own web site. I ventured in to Flash and came to find that there isn't really a big demand in the corporate world, but dynamic web sites were the way to go. After building many web sites I have become very familiar with PHP and MySql.


So if you havent guessed it yet Hollen-B is based off my first and last name. Hollen-B actually started off as my DJ name which then became my website name as well. I still currently DJ just not publicly like I used to when I lived in Orange County and actually wouldn't mind jumping back in the scene. The style of music I play is known as Drum and Bass or Jungle, and is pretty popular in the UK compared to the states.

Damion Hickman Design, Orange County, CA